What are some shoulder taping techniques for shoulder pain?


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AC joint separation and AC blocking are two common shoulder taping methods, according to Firstaid4sport. The AC joint separation taping method is used to prevent acromio clavicular pain. AC blocking can be used in occurrences of pain in the front of the shoulder.

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AC joint separation taping is effective in instances in which there is a visible separation of the shoulder or limited range of movement, explains Firstaid4sport. This method involves first placing fixing tape from the top of the shoulder and down the side of the arm. The second piece of fixing tape goes from the front of the shoulder toward the back, creating a cross pattern. Zinc oxide is then applied in the same pattern as the fixing tape. The AC blocking method involves placing fixing tape, then zinc oxide, from the top of the shoulder and down the side of the arm, similar to the AC joint separation method.

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