What Are Some Shoulder Injury Symptoms?


Common symptoms of shoulder problems due to injuries include physical discomfort, inflammation, desensitization, prickling sensation, lack of strength, changes in temperature and discoloration in the affected area, states WebMD. Range of motion around the shoulder joint may also become limited as a direct result to shoulder trauma.

The shoulder joint consists of three primary bones held together by tendons, muscles and ligaments. This particular joint provides the most extensive range of motion of all joints found throughout the body. Due to this extreme joint mobility, the shoulder is prone to injuries, which can give rise to minor or more significant shoulder problems.

Injuries to the shoulder typically occur during active sports engagements or while performing work-related tasks and household chores. Acute injuries, such as an accidental fall on an outstretched arm, direct trauma or abnormal distortion of the shoulder, may trigger spontaneous and intense pain. This is usually followed by the appearance of contusions in the surrounding area of the injured shoulder.

Other symptomatic responses to shoulder injuries include inflammatory reactions, such as bursitis and tendinitis. This can further lead to loss of function of the rotator cuff, instability and stiffness in the shoulders, explains MedicineNet. If blood vessels and nerve fibers are damaged from a shoulder injury, the entire upper limb may feel numb, prickly, feeble, cold or become pale and bluish in coloration.