Should You Be Worried If Your Ankles Itch?


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Dry skin or dermatitis is often responsible for itchy ankles, says Mayo Clinic. However, itchy skin on the ankles or lower legs is also a symptom associated with chronic kidney disease, varicose veins and diabetes.

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Dermatitis is a skin irritation caused by an allergic reaction or contact with a skin irritant of some kind, relates the Mayo Clinic. However, dermatitis is also a symptom of varicose veins, and it sometimes leads to complications such as ulcerated skin, states the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Itchy skin on the ankles or lower legs is one of the signs of chronic kidney disease. Itchy skin is also a symptom associated with type 2 diabetes, explains Healthline. It is most likely that the cause of itchy ankles is benign, but because this problem potentially indicates several serious health conditions, it is good to seek a doctor's advice.

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