How Should You Work Out at the Gym?


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Working out at the gym should involve mixing free weights with some cardio activity several times a week. A number of different workouts can be used in order to lose weight and shape the body into a more muscular form.

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When working out at the gym, especially if one is doing a number of workouts per week, it's also important to change up the muscle groups that are being worked out. This means that a workout on Monday might involve lifting weights and doing exercises that target the chest and triceps, such as a cable triceps pushdown and dumbbell flys. On Tuesday, the gym-goer focuses more on cardio in order to let the muscles that were worked on Monday recover and bounce back. This is especially important if the workout is very new to the person.

On Wednesday, the person could go back to using free weights but focus on biceps in order to work out with more free weights without putting too much stress on the muscle group that was worked during the Monday workout. Thursday might again involve more cardio than strength training, and Friday could be a day to work out the legs using a leg press and squats.

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