What Should You Wear When Running?

What Should You Wear When Running?

A runner should wear comfortable and supportive running shoes, in addition to synthetic workout clothes. Female runners should also invest in a jogging bra that eliminates moisture and provides support.

Shoes should be purchased and fitted at a store that specializes in running. A runner needs a perfect fit for comfort and to avoid injury. Synthetic material such as nylon and Lycra trap moisture away from the skin to make runners more comfortable.

If a runner is comfortable, it is acceptable to skip underwear altogether, provided synthetic running or jogging pants are worn. Running socks made of synthetic material are also important in the prevention of blisters.

In colder weather, runners need a light, synthetic jacket in addition to a hat that is comfortable and covers the ears. In temperatures of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and above, heavy clothing is often unnecessary.

Joggers and runners should also invest in a watch, so that they can time their runs, as well as reflective gear for added safety. Reflective gear includes a jacket or clothing made out of reflective material or a handheld light or head lamp. Reflective gear is important at all hours of the day and a necessity if a runner plans to exercise before sunrise or after sunset.