What Should You Know for Vasectomy Recovery?


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According to WebMD, cold packs should be applied to the area surrounding the scrotum approximately one to two hours following vasectomy surgery and throughout the day. Laying down as much as possible is also encouraged, as well as avoiding any kind of heavy lifting. Swelling and minor pain may persist several days following surgery, but a return to work is acceptable within one or two days of surgery.

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What Should You Know for Vasectomy Recovery?
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WebMD cautions that although sexual activities can be resumed once comfortable, it is possible to successfully impregnate a partner following a vasectomy. Another method of birth control should be used until the sperm count is zero. Approximately 10 to 20 ejaculations are enough to effectively reduce sperm numbers, but a sperm count test should be undergone around two months following surgery for confirmation. Vasectomies do not negatively affect sex drive, orgasm or the ability to ejaculate. Infrequent, mild aching may occur within the testicles during arousal for a few months following the procedure, although this eventually resolves itself.

Vasectomies have low risks for complications and are estimated to be 99.85 percent effective in birth control, according to WebMD. Some complications, however, include bleeding under the skin, an infection at the site of incision, sperm leaking from the vas deferens, inflammation of the tubes that move sperm and the possibility of the vas deferens healing and becoming functional again.

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