What Should You Try to Do When Lifting Heavy Objects?


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WebMD states that a person lifting heavy objects needs to start with a shoulder-width stance and squat down by bending at the knees and hips. A person's legs must be straightened slowly to lift the object while keeping it close to the body and at belly height. During lifts, a person needs to keep his posture straight at all times to avoid bending, twisting or flexing his back.

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According to WebMD, improper lifting technique results in compression of the spinal discs and stress in the lower back, which can lead to injuries, such as muscle and ligament strains, herniated discs and even damaged vertebrae. The most common poor lifting technique occurs when a person allows his back to bend forward when picking up the object. This places the lifting burden on the back and spine muscles instead of the stronger muscles of the legs and hips.

WebMD lists lifting above the shoulders, attempting to lift awkward or extremely heavy objects alone and twisting from the shoulders while carrying heavy objects as additional causes of back injury. Preventing back injury through proper lifting technique is essential because once a person's back is injured, the likelihood of subsequent injuries rises. Back injuries like strains take weeks or months to heal, while the effects of a herniated disc can become a life-long condition.

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