Who Should Try the Cider Vinegar Diet?


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People who seek to lose weight, suffer from diabetes or struggle with blood sugar should try the apple cider vinegar diet. Although apple cider vinegar boasts a subtle impact on weight loss, it has been shown to help break down fats.

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In a recent study, 175 obese people consumed either water or apple cider vinegar daily over the course of 12 weeks. The group that consumed the apple cider vinegar showed more of a weight decrease than the group that just drank water. Incorporating apple cider vinegar is not a permanent fix, but can make a difference if it is implemented daily. Apple cider vinegar also shows similarities to blood sugar medications, and helps block some of the digestion of starch. A daily intake of apple cider vinegar can help reduce high blood sugar.

Using apple cider vinegar does not treat diabetes, but it can help. People who suffer from gastroparesis should consult a doctor before consuming apple cider vinegar because it can make symptoms worse. Doctors advise patients to continue taking any diabetic or blood sugar medications, as apple cider vinegar is not a substitute. Apple cider vinegar does, however, contain many probiotics and health benefits that support the immune system. People on the apple cider vinegar diet should dilute the vinegar with water before consumption.

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