How Should You Treat a Drunk Person?

When dealing with someone who is drunk, symptoms of alcohol poisoning to watch out for include loss of balance, vomiting, seizures, slurred speech, losing consciousness, difficulty breathing and a body temperature that is either much higher or much lower than normal. The Mayo Clinic notes that medical attention should be sought if these symptoms are severe, as they could be life threatening. In less urgent cases, making them comfortable with food and water and a safe place to rest, while monitoring their condition, should suffice. For their safety and the safety of others, never let anyone drive drunk.

There several steps to take when dealing with a person who has drank too much alcohol:

Step 1: Stop the person from drinking alcohol

Continuing to drink alcohol could greatly exacerbate their symptoms.

Step 2: Sit them down to relax

Find somewhere for the person to sit down in order to minimize their risk of injury from falling over. Make sure this place is quiet and warm, since a high blood alcohol content can significantly lower body temperature.

Step 3: Offer food and water

Even though the consumption of food and water will not lower an already high content of alcohol in the blood, it is important to keep the person strong and hydrated.

Allow them to sleep

When they are ready to sleep, ensure that they do so on their side with something like a cushion to keep them in position. As they sleep, continue to monitor their condition and pay particular attention to their breathing, which should be neither shallow nor slow.