How Should You Treat a Big Bump on Your Forehead?

Treatment for a bump on the forehead involves applying an ice pack or instant cold pack to the affected area for 20 minutes every 3 or 4 hours, states KidsHealth. Wrap the ice in a sock or washcloth, as direct application on the skin may cause cold injury.

Head injuries are classified into external and internal injuries, says KidsHealth. External head injuries typically affect the scalp, whereas internal injuries may affect the skull, the brain or the skull’s blood vessels. In most cases, individuals suffer external injuries only, particularly after a fall or blow to the head.

The swelling that forms after a head blow occurs due to the release of fluid or blood from the scalp’s veins into the scalp, explains KidsHealth. The scalp has numerous blood vessels, which is why a minor cut can result in profuse bleeding. A bump on the head usually disappears within days or a week.

It is important to seek prompt medical help if the affected individual is an infant, has lost consciousness or behaves unusually within 24 hours following the fall or blow to the forehead, notes KidsHealth. It is also essential to contact a doctor if the person suffers head and neck pain, repeatedly vomits, walks in a bizarre manner or doesn’t wake up easily while resting.