What Should You Do If a Tooth Filling Falls Out?

If a tooth filling falls out, it is important to call a dentist and schedule an appointment right away, notes Colgate.com. The dentist can determine the necessary treatment.

Fillings are not designed to last forever, and all fillings eventually reach a point where replacement is required. Colgate.com recommends regular dental appointments that allow the dentist to check fillings and determine if a replacement or restoration of the filing is necessary. Still, fillings may fall out without notice, leaving the patient uncomfortable and in pain.

Some factors that contribute to dental fillings breaking or chipping including clenching and grinding the teeth and bacteria within the fillings causing decay. Chipped, broken or lost fillings may necessitate removal or a root canal.

People who lose a filling should see a dentist immediately. At the appointment, the dentist will take an X-ray of the tooth and decide if it can be restored using another filling. However, a cap or crown may need to be placed to repair the tooth instead. A root canal may be done to save the tooth, or it may need to be extracted, depending on the level of decay and whether or not the tooth can be saved any other way.