How Should You Time Snacks When You Are a Type 1 Diabetic?


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If you have Type 1 diabetes, space out carbohydrate snacks during the day to help control your blood sugar, according to MedlinePlus. Health care professionals recommend a regimen that includes the type of snack, when to eat it and how often to eat it based on the physical activity you may engage in, your lifestyle and your pattern of blood sugar levels at specific periods.

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Commonly, those with Type 1 diabetes have snacks that contain 15 to 45 grams of carbohydrates, explains MedlinePlus. Such snacks include bananas, apples, cookies and chips. An individual treatment plan includes suggested periods of snacks depending on your schedule and past medical history. This does not mean you have to stop enjoying other types of snacks, you just need to be aware of how carbohydrate-rich snacks affect your blood sugar levels. Snacks with no or small amounts of carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels the least.

Other factors such as stress, exercise and some medicines also affect blood sugar levels, notes MedlinePlus. When creating a snack schedule with a physician, also take these factors into account. The snack plan may include having a snack before bedtime to avoid plunges in blood sugar levels during the night's fast.

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