What Should You Know About Taking Corydalis for Pain?


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Things a person needs to know about taking Corydalis for pain include uses, side effects and dosing information, according to WebMD. Corydalis is a plant with roots and a tuber that provide medication for various medical conditions; it is a supplement or a vitamin.

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Corydalis uses include the treatment of mild depression, tremors, severe nerve damage and high blood pressure, explains WebMD. Other treatments include help with intestinal spasms and a few mental and emotional issues. The effectiveness of Corydalis needs more information to determine.

The safety of using Corydalis for pain is not known, states WebMD. As of 2015, the currently known side effects include spasms and tremors if the patient ingests too much. In pregnant women, the use of the drug creates side effects such as start of menstruation and contraction of the uterus, leading to miscarriage.

The correct dosage of Corydalis depends on a variety of factors, including the patient's age, general health and health conditions, according to WebMD. There is not a recommended dosage available. However, users need to consider that not all natural extracts are safe, and the size of dosage is important. Before taking this medication, it is important to consult a doctor or other medical professional.

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