How Should You Start Training for a 10K?

How Should You Start Training for a 10K?

To start training for a 10K distance run, get a physical checkup, and follow an eight-week training program. Do cross- and strength-training activities, cool downs, stretching and allow the body to rest and recover.

  1. Get a checkup first

    A physical checkup with a doctor is necessary before undergoing any training program. This is to ensure your body is in the best condition and does not suffer any physical accidents or problems during training.

  2. Prepare an eight-week training schedule with a fitness expert

    Assuming that you are already adept in running at a distance of 2 miles or more, then accomplishing an eight-week training schedule is enough for you to finish a 10K race. However, if you are new to running, consult with a fitness expert regarding the best training schedule for you.

  3. Train your strength and endurance

    Cross-training activities such as swimming and biking for 30 to 40 minutes test and train your endurance. Strength training such as weightlifting and pushups make your body stronger and more resilient to injuries. Do not forget to warm up and stretch before any exercise, and cool down right after.

  4. Take some time for rest and recovery

    Allow yourself to rest and recover for at least two days per week. Mondays and Fridays are usually the best rest days, but ask an expert's advice if you are not sure. If you feel groggy and weak, or if you have had an accident, resting for several days is necessary.