Why Should Senior Citizens Enroll in Computer Classes?


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Enrolling in computer classes can help seniors understand today's technology better, which can help them with everyday skills such as being able to check their bank statements online. This advanced learning can also help them stay in touch with children and grandchildren who rely more heavily on technology for communication. Completing computer classes successfully can also help seniors feel a sense of accomplishment and feel like they can function better in the modern world.

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At the most basic level, seniors should understand how to turn a computer on and off, use basic programs such as Microsoft Word and understand how to do basic Internet navigation. Learning how to send and respond to emails and manage a social media account and video chat can also be beneficial, especially for seniors whose family or friends do not live close by.

Seniors may feel intimidated by an unfamiliar vocabulary or the host of technological devices that most people use now, including smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets, but a computer skills class that focuses on beginner skills and is conducted especially for seniors can help them build skills. It may also be helpful to find classes that are taught by seniors so that elderly students feel as though they can ask questions without sounding foolish.

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