When Should You See a Doctor About an Itchy Rash on Your Arms?


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A patient should see a doctor for an itchy rash when swelling around the lesions, fluid-filled blisters or pus appear, advises CNN Health. A doctor should also be called if the patient has been exposed to a person with a strep infection.

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If the rash does not start getting better within a few days, or it starts getting worse and home treatments are not helping, Health Central recommends consulting a doctor. If the rash is hindering the patient's ability to sleep or handle daily activities, a doctor may be able to provide relief. A doctor should also be called if the affected skin is changing to a different color or peeling, or if the rash has bleeding blisters.

Immediate medical care should be sought if the patient is experiencing a fever, a headache, a swollen tongue, a sore throat or joint pain, adds Health Central. Urgent medical assistance is also necessary if the rash has been developing quickly after an insect stung the patient or a short time after the patient ingested medicine or food. Emergency care should be sought if the patient is having difficulty breathing or swallowing, according to CNN Health.

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