When Should I See a Doctor About High Blood Pressure?

should-see-doctor-high-blood-pressure Credit: Katrina Wittkamp/Digital Vision/Getty Images

One should see the doctor if her blood pressure measures above 140/90 over the course of two measurements, states WebMD. It is also important to schedule an appointment if one begins experiencing side effects from blood pressure medicine or if normally controlled blood pressure goes above normal range.

If one experiences blood pressure that is extremely high, around 180/110, then one should seek immediate care, according to WebMD. One should also seek immediate care if high blood pressure is causing blurred vision, severe headaches or nausea and vomiting.

To this end, WebMD states that adults should have their blood pressure checked regularly. There are a variety of places where this can be done, such as a clinic where one works or goes to school, at doctor's office or at pharmacies, fire stations and ambulance stations. However, the blood pressure machines located in some of these areas can sometimes provide inaccurate readings, warns Mayo Clinic.

Little is needed to prepare for an examination to have one's blood pressure checked by a primary care doctor, though Mayo Clinic suggests wearing a short-sleeved shirt and avoiding caffeinated food and drinks. It's also a good idea to bring a list of current medications, as there are many types, such as birth control pills and pain medicines, that can affect blood pressure.