When Should I See a Doctor to Check for Brain Tumor Symptoms?


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A person should see a doctor to be checked for a brain tumor when specific symptoms and signs are ongoing or worrying, according to the Mayo Clinic. Symptoms of a tumor often involve seizures, headaches, nausea, personality or cognitive changes, and movement, vision, speech or hearing problems.

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When Should I See a Doctor to Check for Brain Tumor Symptoms?
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Headache symptoms vary, the Mayo Clinic explains. Sometimes they steadily become more regular and painful. However, in people who already experience reoccurring headaches, the pattern changes. Headaches caused by brain tumors often begin in the morning, reports CNN. In many instances, these headaches are paired with nausea or vomiting.

Persistent nausea or vomiting alone is a possible sign of a brain tumor, particularly when there is no obvious cause, the Mayo Clinic states. Tumors sometimes lead to motor problems, such as gradual paralysis, loss of sensation in a limb or trouble balancing. Vision symptoms that require attention include blurred or double vision and loss of peripheral vision. Auditory issues related to tumors include hearing loss, warns Johns Hopkins Medicine. In some cases, speech becomes slurred.

The personalities and thought processes of people with brain tumors sometimes change, the Merck Manual points out. Personality transformations include depression, anxiety, lack of inhibition, moodiness, drowsiness and bizarre behavior. A number of people with brain tumors have difficulty thinking clearly and are easily confused. Work often becomes very difficult.

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