How Often Should Probiotics Be Taken?


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In general, probiotics should be taken daily, according to DuPont. WebMD also stresses that various probiotics work differently depending on the brand, so it is important to find out the correct dosage and strength of the probiotic before beginning a daily regime.

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How Often Should Probiotics Be Taken?
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As probiotics are not naturally occurring in the human body, a person needs to take them every day in order to achieve the desired health benefits, states DuPont. Once consumed, there is only a short window of time in which the probiotics remain living in the gut and aid with digestion and functioning of the immune system. When a person stops taking probiotics regularly, the positive effects on the body wane after about 2 weeks, according to WebMD.

Daily probiotic supplements are available in many forms, including pills, powders and liquids. In addition, probiotics are present in certain foods and beverages, such as yogurt, kefir, miso and kimchi. For instance, Women's Health notes that any yogurt featuring the "live active cultures" seal contains at least 100 million cultures of probiotics per gram. By consuming probiotics in one or more of these types of foods on a daily basis, a person experiences the same health benefits as if she were taking a probiotic supplement, notes WebMD.

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