What Should a Person Look for When Reading Consumer Reports for Hearing Aids?


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Important factors to look for when researching hearing aids are the device design, manual adjustment features, warranty information and any misleading claims from manufactures, states the Mayo Clinic. A checkup from a doctor and evaluation by a qualified audiologist are necessary before shopping for a hearing aid.

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Hearing aid device designs vary depending on whether they are inside or outside the ear, and on how the speaker is connected to the rest of the device, explains the Mayo Clinic. The size of the device determines how visible the device is to others and how effective the aid is at amplifying noise. Smaller devices are less noticeable, but less powerful, so they are not useful for all levels of hearing loss.

Smaller devices also contain smaller batteries with shorter battery life, so it is important to research how frequently other consumers need to change the hearing aid's batteries and how easy it is to change the battery, particularly for those customers who are prioritizing convenience. Some designs are more susceptible to earwax clogging, and some have special features that include volume control and remote direction. Trying out a hearing aid can be useful, and research should include the terms of the company's trial and how much of the hearing aid's cost is refundable after a trial.

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