How Should a Patient Prepare for a MUGA Test?


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Preparation for a multigated acquisition test involves avoiding eating and drinking four to six hours before the test, avoiding tobacco and caffeine for 24 hours before the test and wearing loose clothes if the test involves physical exertion, states Cancer.Net. Informing the doctor about current medications is also necessary.

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Heart medications, such as nitrates and digoxin, can affect the results of the test, according to Cancer.Net. Patients also need to tell the doctor if they had recent nuclear tests such as thyroid or bone scans. A pregnant woman should also inform the doctor because the radiation used in scanning can affect the unborn baby. Patients suffering from obesity, irregular heartbeats or an inability to lie still may likely not undergo the test. Patients should talk to the doctor about any concerns before the MUGA test.

Also known as equilibrium radionuclide angiogram or blood pool scan, a multigated acquisition is a noninvasive test performed to evaluate the pumping of the ventricles, states Cleveland Clinic. During the test, a patient needs to remove clothes from the waist up, as well as any other accessories that may interfere with the scan, states Cancer.Net. A doctor injects a little amount of radioactive tracer into a vein and uses a special camera to capture computer-generated images of the heartbeats. This test is highly accurate in evaluating the pumping of the heart, claims Cleveland Clinic.

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