What Should You Do If You Need to Lose 100 Pounds?


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Cosmopolitan suggests to drink only water, ban white bread and pasta and exercise 30 minutes a day, to lose five pounds in a week. Follow this routine for over 20 weeks to lose 100 pounds. To lose the weight and keep it off, an individual must increase vegetable consumption, reduce grains and perform scheduled exercises regularly, plus drink eight glasses of water daily and sleep eight hours each night.

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Simple carbs such as bread and pasta must be avoided, because they cause sugar cravings and encourage late-night eating habits. Vegetables, on the other hand, are crucial to a healthy diet because they contribute to a full feeling. Water and sleep are mandatory because they regulate the entire body system and boost metabolism. Soda or beer must be replaced by water; those drinks contain high levels of sodium and carbohydrates, which causes water-weight retention.

A healthy diet is crucial, but it is not fully effective without regular exercise. Combine cardiovascular exercises, such as running and biking, with weight-training exercises, such as push ups and pull-ups. Cardio can burn hundreds of calories in a single workout. Weight-training burns fat and boost metabolism for the rest of the day. Eight hours of sleep helps torn muscles to heal and the body to recover between workouts.

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