What Should I Mention in a Eulogy for a Good Friend?


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A eulogy for a good friend can include memories of the deceased, his major achievements, positive ways he affected others and his unique personality traits. The speaker should base the content and tone of the eulogy on the type of service and the personality of the deceased.

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What Should I Mention in a Eulogy for a Good Friend?
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Memories and stories can add details to a eulogy that keep it from sounding generic. Instead of mentioning how generous the deceased was, the speaker could tell stories of how that person helped others. If the speaker is struggling to think of stories as he prepares his speech, he should contact other friends or family members of the deceased to ask for stories he can tell.

If the service is formal, or the deceased was a serious person, the speaker should prepare a formal eulogy so it matches that tone. If the deceased was light hearted and enjoyed jokes, the speaker may want to use humor in his eulogy. Eulogies often mix seriousness and humor to show respect to the occasion while also cheering up the guests.

To prepare for the eulogy, the speaker should write notes to organize his thoughts. Although speakers don't always prepare their speeches beforehand, it's recommended as it gives the speech structure. The speaker should always introduce himself at the beginning of the eulogy. The standard eulogy length is around five to 10 minutes.

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