When Should Medical Treatment Be Sought When Experiencing Signs of Peripheral Neuropathy?


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Individuals should seek medical treatment immediately upon experiencing the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, according to Mayo Clinic. When the condition is diagnosed and treated early, the better chance are better that no further nerve damage occurs and that the other symptoms can be managed.

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Patients should seek treatment immediately if they experience unusual tingling, pain or weakness in their hands or feet, as Mayo Clinic advises. Other symptoms may include muscle weakness, lack of motor control, jabbing or burning pain, and extreme sensitivity to touch. Another symptom is numbness that comes on gradually in the hands and feet before spreading to the arms and legs.

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms can vary depending on what types of nerves it affects, as Mayo Clinic explains. Sensory nerves control things such pain, skin temperature and touch. Motor nerves control how muscles move, while automatic nerves control functions such as heart rate and digestion. The condition can affect some or all of the nerve types.

If a patient is diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, a doctor may recommend a variety of treatments in an attempt to stop the progression of nerve damage and to manage symptoms, as Mayo Clinic explains. Treatments include pain medications, physical therapy, surgery and measures aimed to treat the root cause of the condition.

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