What Should You Look Out for When Buying a Used Pulse Oximeter?


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When buying a used pulse oximeter, look out for a device that best fits your needs. Ensure the device provides accurate results based on its operating range, advises Amperor. Base your choice of an oximeter on your needs, and compare the different oximeters available on used medical equipment listing sites. Verify whether the oximeter has Food and Drug Administration approval by checking the FDA medical device database, and entering the manufacturer’s name in the search field.

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Research a used oximeter to determine whether it has the features you want to use, and check pulse oximeter classifieds such as LabX.com and MedWow to request a quote or compare prices of similar devices. Before settling for a specific device, ask for more information such as photos, the condition of the device and number of previous owners to gauge its suitability.

Validate a pre-owned oximeter by comparing it with others to ensure its readings are within a defined tolerance. Ensure the displayed measurements on the device are legible, and opt for a pediatric oximeter that allows a small finger to fit comfortably in the sensor, according to Amperor. If you intend to use the device frequently, consider purchasing an oximeter with a rugged design so it can stand up to daily use, recommends JustOximeters.com.

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