What Should You Look for When Buying Refurbished Hearing Aids?


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Things to look for when purchasing refurbished hearing aids include the required packaging and tag that declares the device to be used, explains About.com. Federal regulations also require purchasers to have an evaluation by a licensed physician within the six months prior to purchasing refurbished hearing aids. However, some listings on websites such as eBay and Craigslist post FDA warnings on listings for used hearing aids and require a signed waiver if the buyer cannot produce a medical evaluation.

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Local audiologists may know of clients who have recently upgraded their devices and are looking to sell old ones, explains Complete-Hearing-Aid-Reviews.com. Talking with a licensed audiologist also helps determine which refurbished device to buy, such as a behind-the-ear model.

Reliable resources for those looking for refurbished hearing aids include the Center for Hearing Aids and Speech, Chattering Children, Hearing Loss Association of America, Lions Club International and the Starkey Hearing Foundation, recommends the Washington Post. Other things to look for when buying refurbished hearing aids include a written letter from the seller with a 30-day return policy, recommends Bottom Line Health. Any refurbished hearing aid should be professionally cleaned, fitted and programmed after purchase, as they can carry bacteria from a previous user, cautions About.com and Bottom Line Health.

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