What Should You Do When You Get Lightheaded?


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If you get lightheaded without experiencing a serious medical issue such as a heart condition, stroke or drop in blood pressure, stand up slowly and drink plenty of water, as advised by Healthline. Make sure also to stay away from substances that cause lightheadedness, such as tobacco and alcohol.

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Lightheadedness should be distinguished from dizziness because the two may be related to different root problems, as explained by WebMD. Lightheadedness may make an individual feel as if his environment is moving, but it does not make him feel as if it is spinning or whirling around him. It may also make an individual faint or feel as if he is about to faint, and it occasionally may lead to a feeling of nausea. Dizziness or vertigo creates the distinct impression of being off-balance, and it makes the environment seem to spin or whirl around the individual. It is likely to make keeping balance while walking or simply standing harder.

If lightheadedness is accompanied by specific symptoms, the individual should seek help immediately, as Healthline advises. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, heart attack symptoms, sweating without cause, feeling short of breath, feeling pain or pressure on the chest, and one side of the face starting to droop.

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