Why Should You Keep a Daily Food Record?


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Keeping a daily record allows an individual to see what he eats and how much, and it helps him identify unhealthy eating habits, according to Health. Although often used for weight loss, food journals also help individuals find habits such as eating too much or eating when they aren’t hungry.

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Many people eat when they are not hungry but don’t know why, says Health. Keeping a food diary of the food they consume and how they felt at the time often helps them realize the true reasons they overeat. For example, people often discover they eat when they are happy and excited, depressed, anxious, stressed or sad. Others eat more when they are bored or during activities such as watching television or reading a book. A journal also helps them identify other habits related to eating, such as how the person dining with them influences what they eat or the actual amount of food and calories being consumed.

Someone who deals with digestive issues or heartburn also benefits from keeping a daily food record, according to Health. This person can identify the times when his stomach bothered him or he had heartburn due to the types of foods he ate and how quickly he ate it. Some people experience other sensations after eating, such as more or less energy or a feeling of sluggishness. The food record helps identify those issues as well.

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