What Should You Include in a Treatment Plan?


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A treatment plan should include an explanation of the most recent assessment, the status of the patient, treatment goals, and treatment methods, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The treatment plan should also include a timeline for each goal and name the person who is responsible for the treatment.

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The treatment plan requires a diagnostic assessment, asserts the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The results of the assessment should determine the goals and objectives for the plan. Each goal must be achievable for the patient in his current state, and it must be measurable so that caregivers can track progress. When writing the plan, the mental health professional should include details about the implementation methods for each treatment strategy to ensure that caregivers have all of the necessary information to proceed.

Mental health treatment plans usually include detailed information about the patient's current state of mind and activities. The State of Delaware recommends that the mental health professional include patient characteristics, hobbies, coping skills and social interests. For each goal, Delaware advises that the plan lay out the clear objectives, the behavior that the goal addresses, and the interventions that the caregivers must provide. The plan should also set a frequency for the actions associated with the goal and a deadline.

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