What Should You Include in a Hospital Checklist When a Baby Is on the Way?


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A hospital checklist for expectant parents includes important documents, such as identification and insurance cards, as well as toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and skin lotion, as WebMD suggests. A hospital bag for an expectant mother should also include current medications, a camera, cellphone, electronic chargers and reading material for the parents to browse while waiting for delivery. Nursing pads and nursing bras are other items to include.

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A hospital checklist for parents-to-be also addresses items for the new arrival, such as a onesie, diapers, clothing, bibs and a car seat, according to WebMD. A hat, socks and receiving blankets are necessary to prepare the baby for the weather when leaving the hospital. The expectant parents need to prepare a diaper bag complete with wet wipes, a change of clothes, bottles and formula for the ride home.

Expectant parents should plan to pack a few days worth of clothes, a robe, slippers and socks for their stay at the hospital, suggests WebMD. Snacks or money for meals and a list of contact numbers for family and friends waiting to be notified of the birth are also useful. Some parents opt to bring a music player, hand massager or noise machine to create a serene environment during the delivery.

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