Why Should You Do Hip Osteoarthritis Exercises?


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A person should perform hip osteoarthritis exercises to boost muscle strength, improve the stability of joints and improve the body’s balance, according to Healthline. Increasing movements when doing normal activities in addition to exercise routines can significantly improve a person’s overall health.

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While hip osteoarthritis sufferers may refrain from exercising due to pain, lack of exercise can actually aggravate the condition and lead to muscle atrophy, notes Healthline. Doctors often encourage individuals with hip osteoarthritis to maintain an exercise regimen that suits their health condition and age. Physical therapists advise starting slowly and choosing low-impact exercises, such as walking. Individuals with balance difficulties can use a treadmill with no incline.

A person with hip osteoarthritis can use a stationary bike and adjust the equipment to an easy setting for a nonstrenuous activity, suggests Healthline. Freestyle swimming is also good for osteoarthritic patients. The load on the body’s joints is lightened by around 50 percent when walking in water up to the waist level. Doing water aerobics while submerging the body up to the chest level reduces joint impact by up to 75 percent.

Yoga improves joint flexibility, relieves pain and strengthens muscles, says Healthline. It is important to consult a yoga instructor to avoid doing positions that may add strain to the hips. Tai Chi is also a recommended activity that alleviates pain and improves balance.

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