What Should You Do If Fungus Is Growing in Your Belly Button?


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Visit a doctor if fungus is growing in your belly button. He can provide proper anti-fungal medication and advise proper cleaning protocols to ensure the fungus does not return, according to The Merck Manual. Pain and discharge are the most common symptoms of a fungal infection, per MedGuidance.com.

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Candida is the most common fungal infection found in the belly button, states MedGuidance.com. The fungus is commonly found on the skin under normal circumstances, but it thrives in warm, moist locations, notes The Merck Manual. Hot weather, infrequent bathing and tight clothing help facilitate fungal growth. Once it gets into the folds of the belly button, it can grow and start to cause pain.

Anti-fungal medication frequently comes as a topical foam or cream, states MedGuidance.com. Regularly cleaning the belly button and keeping it dry, help to prevent fungal or bacterial infections in the future. Belly buttons are also home to a wide variety of bacteria, according to NBC News. This is another reason to keep the belly button well sanitized.

Oral medications may also be provided by a doctor to kill off the fungal infection, states The Merck Manual. Depending on the medication, three to four doses a day may be required for up to two weeks to kill off the infection fully.

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