How Should I Feel When I Am Five Weeks Pregnant?


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Many women do not feel different when they are five weeks pregnant, according to WebMD. Early pregnancy symptoms include nausea, fatigue, food aversions, breast tenderness and increased urination.

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At five weeks pregnant, most women are just getting their positive pregnancy tests although some have known for a week or even longer, WebMD notes. The first symptom of pregnancy is usually a missed period, which happens at around the fourth week of pregnancy. Some women experience spotting, which they mistake for a period. Other symptoms occur at different points throughout the pregnancy.

WebMD states that one common symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness, which affects about 50 percent of women. Morning sickness ranges from mild nausea to severe vomiting. Despite the name, it occurs throughout the day. Severe cases sometimes require hospitalization. Morning sickness usually starts around week six although some experience it earlier. Food cravings or food aversions are also common. They occur both as part of morning sickness and in women who do not experience morning sickness.

Breast changes are also common during early pregnancy, states WebMD. Breasts are tender or tingly, and the areolas darken and enlarge. Backaches, fatigue and headaches are less specific early pregnancy symptoms. Increased urination occurs as hormone levels increase. Many women do not experience symptoms this early. Some women don't experience any pregnancy symptoms.

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