What Should You Expect When Recovering From Double Eyelid Surgery?


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Following double eyelid surgery, most patients experience swelling and bruising of the eyelids that can last up to two weeks, as well as difficulty opening the eyes due to the incision on the eyelids, explains Dream Plastic Surgery. The incision site may also be tender during the recovery period.

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Double eyelid surgery patients are typically recommended to apply ice packs to the eyelids during the first few days following the procedure, as this helps to relieve swelling and minimize bruising, according to Preecha Aesthetic Institute. It is also important for patients to wear sunglasses during outdoor activities for at least seven days following the surgery to ensure the eyes are protected from sun and wind. Additionally, patients must refrain from wearing contact lenses following the procedure until they are further advised by the surgeon.

Patients can typically resume normal activities within 10 days following eyelid surgery, explains Northwest Valley Oral Maxillofacial and Cosmetic Surgery. Bleeding is a common side effect that can occur during recovery, as normal behaviors such as coughing can increase blood pressure and cause the sensitive eye area to bleed. It is also important for patients to avoid taking aspirin or natural supplements such as vitamin E or ginko-biloba during the recovery period, as these substances can also increase the risk of bleeding around the eyes.

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