What Should You Expect When You're 36 Weeks Pregnant?

What to Expect states during the last month of pregnancy starting in week 36, a pregnant woman can expect pelvic pain, the pregnancy waddle and the dropping of the baby into the pelvic cavity. Pelvic pain is attributed to the baby going deeper into the pelvic cavity causing aches and pains around the hips. When the baby drops, a pregnant woman breathes easier because pressure is removed from the diaphragm.

Week 36 marks a decrease in fetal movement. According to What to Expect, the length and weight of the baby prohibit large movements as the fetus prepares for birth. Pregnant women in week 36 experience bouts of heartburn and indigestion caused by upward pressure on the stomach from the uterus. Bloating, gas and constipation reappear in week 36 because the middle is cramped and the body is devoting more time to the fetus than to the mother's digestive system. Pregnant women should eat smaller meals and drink more liquid to help relieve the discomfort.

Pregnant women in this stage may experience frequent urination, an itchy belly, bloody vaginal discharge, edema in the lower extremities, insomnia and a need to clean the house (nesting), notes What to Expect. Many women in the last trimester experience insomnia because of hormones, anxiety and bodily discomfort.