What Should You Expect When Getting a Cystoscopy?


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Patients prepare for a cystoscopy by taking any antibiotics prescribed, waiting to empty the bladder and arranging for the day off if the procedure requires anesthesia, according to Mayo Clinic. The procedure may take place in the doctor's office or the hospital depending on why it is being performed.

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Patients with urinary tract infections or a weak immune system may be given antibiotics to take before or after the cystoscopy, Mayo Clinic explains. Sometimes the doctor wants a urine sample before performing the procedure. The patient should avoid emptying her bladder in case she needs to provide a specimen.

Depending on the reason for the cystoscopy, the procedure can be performed in several ways, Mayo Clinic says. One is for the doctor to do the procedure in the office by numbing the urethra. Other times it is performed as an outpatient procedure with sedation or with general anesthesia in the hospital. If the cystoscopy is to involve sedation or anesthesia, the patient should be prepared to take the rest of the day off.

Many patients feel fine but find that their reflexes and judgment are off. Patients should arrange for a ride home from the procedure and a friend or family member to stay with them or check on them throughout the day, suggests Mayo Clinic.

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