Where Should You Expect to Experience Pain After Rotator Cuff Surgery?


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Patients who undergo rotator cuff surgery can expect to experience pain in the shoulder, according to WebMD. Pain and discomfort can be treated with pain medication and immobilization using a sling, which is followed by a rehabilitation program or physical therapy to restore function.

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Rotator cuff surgery is performed when the rotator cuff has experienced damage leading to pain, discomfort and weakness or if nonsurgical treatment has failed to improve the condition, notes WebMD. The surgery involves removing loose fragments and debris from the area where the shoulder moves, shaving bone or removing bone spurs to alleviate pinching and irritation, and sewing the edges of the supraspinatus tendon to the top of the humerus. Although the procedure is most commonly performed using an arthroscope, in severe cases, a more invasive surgical incision may be required.

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