What Should You Expect During a Full Hip Arthroplasty?


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A full hip arthroplasty, commonly known as hip replacement surgery, is a surgical procedure that replaces damaged or worn-out hip joints with prosthetic joints. Candidates for the procedure include those suffering from severe arthritis pain or those with hip fractures, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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During the surgery, the surgeon resurfaces both ends of the damaged joint with metal, ceramic or plastic parts to create new joint surfaces. In addition, he resurfaces the hip socket in the pelvic bone. He replaces damaged cartilage and reattaches the prosthetic joints with or without cement, explains WebMD. The cement acts as glue to keep the artificial joints attached to the bone.The surgeon uses a porous coating designed to allow the artificial joint to adhere to bone when he attaches hip replacements in which cement is not used. In time, new bone grows to cover and fill in the gaps and openings in the porous coating, helping to keep the joint attached to the bone.

Recovering from a full hip arthroplasty requires a stay in a hospital. To ensure success with the new hip joint, it is essential to begin moving as soon as possible after the surgery. Hip replacement patients meet with a physical therapist to plan rehabilitation soon after the procedure, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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