What Should You Expect After a Kidney Transplant?


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Patients should expect to spend several days to a week in the hospital after a kidney transplant, according to the Mayo Clinic. Patients are also required to take medications for the rest of their lives and have frequent checkups to monitor recovery.

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Within the first few days, doctors monitor patients closely while the patient is still admitted in the hospital. The purpose of this close monitoring is to be sure there are no negative side effects, the kidney is not rejected by the new body and to combat against any possible complications that may arise, reports the Mayo Clinic. Patients can also expect to be sore during the recovery process.

Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, regular checkups are necessary. In addition, patients should expect to take a variety of medications for the remainder of their lives. Immunosuppressants are prescribed to help the immune system accept the new kidney, explains the Mayo Clinic. Doctors also prescribe other medications to prevent infections and complications. A kidney transplant typically takes three to four hours to complete and is done with general anesthesia. Prior to the transplant, patients must follow all directions given by a medical professional in order to prepare the body to remain healthy enough for a transplant, explains the Mayo Clinic.

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