What Should You Expect After Hip Surgery?


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After hip replacement surgery, it takes 10 to 12 weeks for most patients to feel normal again according to WebMD. The journey to get there includes a few days in the hospital, rehabilitation and time for healing.

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The surgery itself takes two to three hours, and then patients move to the recovery room. Once they are awake and alert, the hospital personnel move them in their beds to their regular hospital rooms, where they stay for two to three days, according to WebMD.

During the time in the hospital, the patient usually has an intravenous line in the arm to receive fluids and pain medications. The first day after surgery, a physical therapist begins working with the patient to show how to use the new joint. Eventually, the patient begins to use a walker or crutches to walk. After a couple of days, the patient switches to oral pain medication, according to WebMD. The patient returns home or goes to a rehabilitation facility when it is time to leave the hospital.

The doctor removes sutures from the incision after two weeks. Patients do not drive for three to six weeks after the surgery, according to WebMD. By this time, the patient is able to do many normal tasks, but is often sore and tired at the end of the day. By 12 weeks, most of the pain is gone and the patient returns to a more normal lifestyle.

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