What Should You Expect After Having a Stroke?


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After a stroke, a person can expect to experience muscle- and movement-related impairments, such as difficulty in walking and grasping things, painful and rigid joints, stiff muscles, and problems with the sense of touch, according to WebMD. An individual may also suffer speech difficulty and memory issues.

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What Should You Expect After Having a Stroke?
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The extent of impairment and ability to recover after a stroke depends on the side of the brain affected, the particular damaged part, the amount of damage, and the person's general health prior to the stroke, notes WebMD. Weakness on the side of the body opposite the damaged side of the brain typically occurs after a stroke. People with weak arms often experience shoulder pain due to a firm or locked-up joint. It helps to move the joint to ensure it functions well when a person recovers his strength.

Many people who have had a stroke feel painful, numb or tingling limbs and experience difficulty in body movement coordination, states WebMD. Swallowing and eating problems are also common in stroke sufferers. Aphasia, or a speech and language problem, occurs when the left area of the brain becomes damaged. In some cases, people find it hard to perform complex tasks or remember things due to damage to parts of the brain responsible for controlling memory, learning and awareness. Rehabilitation is essential to help a person recover from his impairments and adapt to lifestyle changes.

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