What Should You Expect at a 12 Week Sonogram?


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During a 12-week ultrasound, the technician looks at and listens to the baby's heartbeat and checks that all of the baby's organs, muscles, limbs and bones are formed and in the right place, according to Mother and Baby. The technician checks that development matches the date of conception, checks the location of the placenta to rule out placenta praevia and possibly performs a nuchal translucency scan, states Mother and Baby.

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The nuchal translucency scan measures the fluid under the skin at the base of the baby's neck, according to Mother and Baby. This scan, together with a blood test, determines the likelihood that the baby has Down syndrome. This measure can only be performed between 11 weeks and 13 weeks plus six days, according to Baby Center. The 12-week scan is sometimes called a dating scan because the technician measures the baby's length and progress to determine the length of the pregnancy and calculate a due date, states Baby Center, although a dating scan will take place earlier if there is bleeding or a history of miscarriages. The 12-week scan -- or an earlier scan if there is one -- determines if there is one baby or more in the womb, notes Baby Center.

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