What Should Be Eaten Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


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Soft foods and liquids in small amounts should be eaten for the first month after gastric sleeve surgery, according to WebMD. Gradually patients can add solid foods to their diet, but it is important to eat foods loaded with vitamins and minerals to get proper nutrition.

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What Should Be Eaten Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
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The stomach is healing the first month of surgery, which is why gastric sleeve patients are limited to liquids and soft foods, WebMD explains. The doctor usually gives the patient specifics about what to eat right after the surgery. It is important to sip water frequently to combat dehydration.

After the first month, the doctor may have the patient see a dietitian to learn what foods are best to generate enough nutrition, WebMD states. Since the stomach now only holds a small amount, it is important to eat foods that provide enough vitamins and minerals for good health. Most patients are required to take supplements as well.

As the patient begins to eat solid food, it is important to learn to chew food thoroughly, WebMD says. If the patient does not chew enough they may experience nausea and vomiting. It is also important for the patient to learn to stop eating when he feels full. Not doing so stretches the smaller stomach, and the patient will not achieve weight loss.

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