Why Should We Eat Healthy Foods?


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Eating healthy foods is very important for a person’s overall health. Foods that are rich with nutrients and low in calories provide the body with energy to keep all of the body’s vital organs healthy. Every type of food provides the body with different nutrients, so it's important to eat a variety of healthy foods.

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Why Should We Eat Healthy Foods?
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Vitamins and minerals are found in almost every type of food on the market today. They are most prevalent in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dairy products and lean meats. Processed foods have low vitamin and mineral content as compared to non-processed foods. Eating a variety of foods with vitamins and minerals will help a person’s body build stronger bones and muscles. Nutrients also help regulate bodily processes such as blood pressure, heart rate and heart rhythm.

Good nutrition can also reduce a person’s risk of developing diseases and health issues. Eating a diet high in nutrients can boost a person’s immune system and keep them healthy during cold and flu season. It can also reduce their risk of developing heart disease, certain cancers, stroke and certain autoimmune diseases. Healthy eating can also help people who already have some types of chronic diseases. People with high cholesterol can drastically improve their cholesterol levels by adding whole grains, fruits and vegetables to their diet while cutting out meat.

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