What Should You Eat to Gain Weight?


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A diet that is packed in lean protein and nutritious healthy foods is the best way to gain muscle mass, according to WebMD. When one is trying to gain weight, it is important to build muscle and not fat.

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What Should You Eat to Gain Weight?
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Not only do healthy foods give the body the added protein necessary to gain weight, they also make sure the body is fueled with other naturally beneficial nutrients. The easiest way to increase calorie intake is by consuming multiple meals throughout the day and not simply trying to pack a gigantic portion of calories into one meal.

Some of the ways in which this can be done include supplementing with a protein powder, such as whey or soy. These protein types give the body the energy it needs to build muscle. Not only does muscle weigh more than fat, it is clearly better for longevity.

Along with protein shakes, it is important to implement exercise into a daily routine. The more strenuous exercise a person incorporates, the more the body is able to use the added protein and calories for muscle growth. Maintain calorie intake through foods that provide more than just empty calories. A well-balanced and nutritious diet helps this process.

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