What Should Be Done If Someone Is Suffering From Unusually Intense Pain?


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Depending on the severity of the pain, the condition can be addressed in different methods, including behavior modification, surgical operation, electrical stimulation, nerve blocks, physical therapy, psychological counseling, medications and alternative treatments, such as acupuncture. The condition that is causing the pain also will play an important role in determining what is to be used in treatment.

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Chronic pain tends to last for long, and at times even when a condition is already treated. This may lead to different physical effects, such as changes in appetite, poor mobility and a lack of energy. Emotional effects may include anxiety, anger and depression. These effects may inhibit a persons ability to perform their normal activities. Conditions that may lead to intense pain include cancer, low back pain, headache and arthritis.. Typically, it can be due to an injury or an infection, as stated by WebMD.

Before using any medication or form of treatment, a person needs to visit a doctor to diagnose the pain. The doctor will want to know the health history and medication history of a patient. He or she may need to carry out physical examination and other medical tests to pinpoint the cause of the pain. It is only after identifying the cause that the doctor can recommend a particular treatment.

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