Should You Go to the Doctor If You Have Difficulty Completely Emptying Your Bladder? [DIFFICULT]?


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Patients experiencing difficulty emptying their bladder should see a doctor, advises Medtronic. The condition is known as urinary retention, and there are two general types: obstructive and nonobstructive

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Obstructive urinary infections occur when there is a physical obstruction preventing a free flow of urine in the urinary track, according to Medtronic. Common causes include stroke, pelvic injury or trauma, vaginal childbirth, and spine or brain injury. Nonobstructive urinary infections develop when nerve problems interfere with signals between the brain and the bladder. The main causes include cancer, kidney or bladder stones, and an enlarged prostate in men.

Patients experiencing urinary retention may also have difficulty starting to urinate and an inability to feel when their bladder is full, notes Medtronic.

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