When Should One Take DMSO Anti-Inflammatory?


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Dimethyl sulfoxide, or DMSO, is applied as a gel three to four times daily. This is for prescription DMSO, notes WebMD. As of January 2016, no studies have been conducted that provide guidelines for the correct dose.

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Topical prescription DMSO has a 25 percent solution, states the Arthritis Foundation. Nonprescription DMSO can have concentrations anywhere from 10 to 90 percent. It is also available in pill form; however, its safety as a supplement is uncertain.

The Food and Drug Administration approved DSMO to treat interstitial cystitis for humans, a painful, rare bladder condition. While approved for other uses in horses and dogs, interstitial cystitis is still the only FDA-approved use for humans, explains Healthline.

People use nonprescription DMSO to treat headaches, arthritis and cancer. Studies on using DMSO to relieve osteoarthritis pain indicate DMSO is not much more effective than using a placebo, reports WebMD. Little, if any, scientific evidence supports other claims regarding DMSO's effectiveness.

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