How Should Diabetics Care for Their Feet?

Proper foot care for diabetics includes washing and drying the feet daily, examining the feet for blisters, sores, cuts or scratches, and trimming and cutting the toenails after bathing, explains WebMD. Diabetics should also care for their feet by avoiding exercise and activity when sores are present on the feet, protect the feet by changing socks daily, and wear footwear that covers the toes.

Diabetics should avoid going barefoot to protect the feet from developing sores that can lead to infection, warns WebMD. Shoes with pointed toes and high heels should be avoided to reduce the risk of injury or infections. People with diabetes should avoid wearing new shoes for more than an hour at a time and wear natural-fiber socks that are not too tight. The feet should be protected from moisture and cold during harsh weather by wearing boots or shoes that fully cover the feet. Some physicians also recommend special shoes or inserts for diabetics to wear.

Diabetics are more vulnerable to problems with the feet because the disease reduces blood flow to the feet and can damage nerves of the feet, according to WebMD. Proper care of the feet can prevent the risk of amputation of a leg or foot. Physicians commonly check the feet of diabetics during routine exams to determine if sores, cuts or scratches can lead to infections.