Should Dentures Be Taken Out Before Going to Bed?


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Some dentists advise patients to wear dentures when going to bed, but only when the dentures are new, according to WebMD. Following that period, dentures should be taken out before bed to allow the gums to rest and the mouth to cleanse itself during sleep.

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Should Dentures Be Taken Out Before Going to Bed?
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Dentures that are new may feel loose or odd for a couple of weeks until the muscles of the mouth, such as the cheeks and tongue, learn to keep the dentures in place, explains WebMD. It is not unusual for people to experience soreness or irritation in the mouth when dentures are worn for the first time, and some people have an increase in saliva. As soon as the mouth adjusts to the dentures, these issues should subside.

Eating with dentures may take some practice and can be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, notes WebMD. Starting with food that is soft or cut into small pieces is advised. New denture wearers should chew food slowly, using both sides of the mouth. As denture wearers gets used to the dentures, normal food can be introduced, although food that is hot and food that is hard or sticky should be avoided, as should chewing gum and toothpicks.

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